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    July 29, 2008


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    Robin Elise Weiss, LCCE

    Well said! I think many people over look the fact that a birth plan is a communication tool first and foremost. It's a way to open a discussion between you, your partner, your support team, etc.

    Colleen O.

    Yes, totally.

    We actually didn't have a birth plan b/c our midwives were totally respectful of our wishes, and if we ended up with someone other than our midwives, it would be because something major went wrong and well, why have a birth plan then?

    We did have a post-partum plan though. It stated that we didn't want the hospital separating us from our baby (happened anyway because he was grunty after birth -- annoying), didn't want them giving him formula, and didn't want them bathing him without asking us first.

    I definitely think women need to be educated. And I think a birth plan and a conversation with one's HCP are good ways to plan. But as you said, labor is unpredictable and the best thing to be is flexible.

    pam tam

    I agree that a birth plan made me feel somewhat empowered, and that in and of itself makes one more satisfied with their birth regardless of how it goes. I did end up using medication in the last of the 28 hours of my birth experience but it was very much on my terms. The hospital staff was so impressed that I HAD a birth plan that they were surprisingly accomodating (although still cautious) - I think the best way to really have full on grasp of control in your birth is to start laboring and birthing at home... if possible. Not for everyone, but the most control.


    Adriana - I'm just seeing this post. Have you visited They offer evidence-based maternity care information for women and health professionals, that usually agrees with all that you are saying. Good for you for taking this route! Not having had a pregnancy yet, I hope to go the birth center route with no epidural, or MAYBE the home birth, depending on who is my midwife and possibly doula. Great article!

    Adriana Velez

    Thanks, everyone, for your comments. Katie, thanks for the link!

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    Thomas Page

    Well said! I think many people over look the fact that a birth plan is a communication tool first and foremost. It's a way to open a discussion between you, your partner, your support team, etc.

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    I think your birth plan was great!

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