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    July 15, 2008


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    SOSOSOSOSO true on the tune into your child.

    I work from home so Im lucky enough to be home with my Toddler full time and have found repeatedly how crucial that is....I know FOR ME that there have been a number of incidents where I might have ignored my gut had I been running off to an office.

    Diana G

    Finding a doctor you can really talk to, who will listen and is engaged with you about healthcare, is so very difficult. It is not getting any easier either, with insurance and managed care driving so much of the decision making.


    Diana, I agree -- the constraints of managed care/insurance create a huge impediment. I know I'm definitely limited in my choice of doctors.

    The midwife who delivered Jasper is not covered by my current insurance, so if I wanted to have another child I'd have to find another midwife who IS covered and who I like as much (gulp!) or pay out of pocket (gulp! gulp!).

    We're really lucky that our primary physician and our pediatrician both work with our insurance.

    Beyond that, I don't know how doctors even have time to talk more than five seconds with patients with all the paperwork they have to do..


    I don't have children, but I can attest to the importance of having healthcare providers with whom you click. I've found that in my GYN and it has made a WORLD of difference. After years of debilitating menstrual cycles, my doctor and I have finally found the answer for me. The result: I feel like a human being again!

    I dare say, with kids, finding the right doctor is especially important, particularly because they can't really explain what ails them and they need people--parents and healthcare providers--who cherish them and have their best interests at heart.

    Blood Pressure Support

    Oh yes it is true that as parents we also have to Take care of our own health as well. We must be a good example to our kids so that they will understand the importance of getting healthy.

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