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    October 17, 2008


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    My mother called me in a panic when she heard this.

    My kids are also lactophiles and they get out in the sun enough, and they eat a fairly healthy diet. I think we/they should be more focused on those who aren't as informed about children's health. (I know people who give their kids Kool-Aid in a bottle instead of milk.)

    I'm with you--healthy diet first, THEN consider supplements after talking to the doctor.


    About a year and a half ago, my partner's cousin, who is an M.D., was telling us that she is very skeptical of most new claims that come up in the health field, but that the news about Vitamin D was truly promising and she recommends supplements to all of her (adult) patients.

    I do think we have to be careful about going crazy with supplements, but we also have to consider -- when thinking about babies and children especially -- how other advice we follow may impact the situation. For example, we are told to keep our babies and young children out of the sun, or to put copious amounts of sunblock on them, for fear of too much exposure to UV rays. And unfortunately, that negatively impacts their bodies' ability to generate Vitamin D naturally.

    Thanks for the information, especially about milk products.


    Thanks, Colleen and Lindsey. My mother e-mailed me with a question about vitamin D and sun. Poking around the web there seems to be a consensus among pediatricians that a few minutes in the sun without sunscreen a few times a week will help your body get vitamin D without endangering your skin too much. Where's the balance between skin cancer risk and adequate vitamin D absorption? I guess that's up to every parent to decide.


    Cod liver oil is my preferred source; the kids and I take it every day. We also drink a lot of milk (10 gallons per week for the 8 of us) and only use sunscreen at the beach.

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    My kids are also lactophiles and they get out in the sun enough, and they eat a fairly healthy diet.

    Cod liver oil??? Well should try it. If it's really so good as you told, I'll use it

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    Vitamin D is essential for children. Especially it's very important to get it for babies.

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    The best source of vitamin D is the sun.

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